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Internal transfers from Syfe Cash+ Portfolio

  • You can now park your funds in your Cash+ portfolio before transferring them to your other Syfe portfolios. The recurring transfer feature on Syfe Cash+ helps you to automate monthly transfers to your chosen portfolios.

    Simply log in and set up a recurring transfer on your dashboard to transfer funds from your Cash+ portfolio to your desired Syfe investment portfolio every month. Learn how to set up a recurring transfer from Cash+ portfolio here.

    Once created, you can pause, skip, or cancel recurring transfers at any time. You can also edit details such as the transfer amount and date of transfer from your dashboard as well. Simply follow the instructions on this article to edit your recurring transfers.

    On your chosen transfer date every month, we will automatically trigger an internal transfer request from your Cash+ portfolio to your chosen portfolio(s). Please note that the transfer will take 2-4 business days, excluding weekends and public holidays, to be completed.

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  • You can pause, skip the next monthly transfer, or delete the recurring transfer anytime. 


    If you're logged into the mobile app, on your Syfe Wealth app dashboard, scroll down to 'Your upcoming transfers' section. Then, you can click the pencil icon at the top right corner of your recurring transfer. 



    You will then be able to PauseSkip next transfer, or Edit your recurring transfer.

    • Pause: Your recurring transfer will be inactive until it is unpaused. On your chosen date, no internal transfer will be executed. You can unpause your recurring transfer anytime, the same way you paused it.
    • Skip next transfer: Your next recurring transfer schedule will be skipped.
    • Edit: On the edit page, you will be able to amend your destination portfolio to transfer to, change the recurring transfer amount as well as the execution date.
      To Delete your recurring transfer completely, you may click on the 'Delete' button at the top right corner of the edit page



    Can I amend the frequency of the recurring transfer?

    At the moment, all recurring transfers from your Cash+ portfolio to your Syfe investment portfolios are scheduled on a monthly basis. It is not possible to amend the frequency to a weekly or quarterly basis.

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  • In a recurring transfer, you may transfer up to 90% of your Cash+ portfolio value. Please ensure the recurring transfer amount is within 90% of your Cash+ portfolio value so that the transaction can be processed on your chosen date.


    Will I be notified if I don't have sufficient funds in my Cash+ portfolio for the next monthly transfer?

    You will be notified via email 10 days prior to your transfer date if your Cash+ portfolio has insufficient funds to complete your next scheduled transfer. A second reminder will be sent 5 days prior to your transfer date. You will also see a notification through your Syfe dashboard regarding the insufficient balance.


    How do I ensure that my recurring transfer from Cash+ portfolio is executed on my chosen date?

    Please note the scheduled transfer will be skipped for the month if there are insufficient funds in your Cash+ portfolio to fulfill your indicated monthly transfer amount. 

    To ensure that the recurring transfer is executed at your chosen date, kindly top up your Cash+ portfolio accordingly. Kindly refer to this guide for instructions on how to top up your Cash+ portfolio.

    Alternatively, you may also edit your monthly transfer amount or skip the next transfer if you prefer. Learn more here

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