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On Maturity

  • Yes, you can choose to reinvest into a new term any time before 3 PM HKT on your investment’s maturity day. Please visit the investment page either on the Syfe mobile app.

    On the day of maturity, after 3 PM HKT, your total value will be reinvested into the new term that you selected above. This means that your funds will get auto reinvested allowing you to earn interest on your investment without any delay. 
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  • For withdrawal, please refer here for details.

    For transferring funds to a Managed portfolio, we will take 1 business day. However, to invest these funds in your destination portfolio, it may take up to 2 business days.

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  • We understand that you may need to explore various options in the market before you decide to reinvest for another term. Hence we have provided an option to NOT REINVEST which allows you to retain your funds in the app. You can access these options from the investment details page on the App. Please note these funds do not earn any interest. 
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  • Yes, on the day your investment matures, you will be notified of the prevailing return rate for the day through both push notifications and email at 12 PM HKT.

    In case we are updating the rates for the day, you will not receive the notification at 12 PM HKT. Instead, you will be notified of the updated rates immediately after the change has been implemented. Please note that during this period, we will temporarily deactivate the investment details page on App.


    In addition to the above, you will also be notified via push notifications 1 week before maturity, and via email 3 days before maturity. If you have not provided instructions completely, you will be requested to provide instructions via in-app pop-ups on the app. 

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  • You have the option to update the maturity instructions for your investment up till 3 PM on the maturity day. After 3 PM, any changes to maturity instructions will no longer be possible. If you had chosen for your Cash+ Fixed HKD investment to be reinvested, your investment capital and returns will be reinvested for another term of the same duration unless changed. 


    If you had chosen to not reinvest, your funds will remain in your investment awaiting your instructions without earning any interest. You may explore the current rates in the market – choose to reinvest, withdraw to the bank, or transfer the amount to other portfolios as per your preference. Until you provide complete instructions for your bank withdrawal or portfolio transfer, we will not be able to move your funds and hence they will continue to remain in your investment and you can refer to this information on your investment details page. 

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  • If you have selected to “Reinvest”, the total value in your Cash+ Fixed HKD investment will be reinvested for the selected term of the tenor. Unless changed via the App, the funds will be reinvested for the same tenor as the original investment. Should you opt to reinvest before 3 PM HKT on the maturity date, the reinvestment will occur on the same day, ensuring continuous returns without interruption.

    To clarify, if your investment term is for 6 months from March 6th to September 6th, your returns for September 6th are already incorporated into your original investment. When you select to reinvest on September 6th before 3 PM HKT, your funds are reinvested on the same day, and your returns will start accruing from September 7th onwards which will be reflected under ‘Current value’ on your investment details page on September 7th. Even if September 7th is a weekend, you will be earning returns on this day since your funds are already invested. This ensures you continue earning returns without losing a day in between.

    If you had chosen to not reinvest, after 3 PM HKT, you will be presented with three options to choose from: Reinvest, Withdraw to Bank, or Transfer to other portfolios. You may explore the current rates in the market and decide on the option that works for you.

    During this period, your funds will remain in your investment awaiting further instructions, without accruing any returns. 

    If you select to reinvest your funds after 3 PM HKT on the investment’s maturity date, the instructions will only be carried out the next business day. For example, your investment matures on September 6th. You chose to not reinvest. At 4 PM HKT on September 6th, you select the option to Reinvest your funds. We will only invest these funds on the following business day, which means you will start earning returns for your funds from the day after the investment day. In the above example, if September 7th is a business day, we will invest your funds on September 7th, and the returns will start accruing from September 8th onwards. In this scenario, your funds will not earn any returns on September 7th.

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