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What are your fees?

  • For customers with under HKD 200,000 invested, their management fees are 0.65% a year, as our Blue client.

    If customers have between HKD 200,000 and 1 million invested, they pay a lower fee of 0.5% a year, as our Black client.

    Customers with over HKD 1 million invested pay 0.4% a year as our Gold client. They may also join our Private Wealth service when they invest over HKD 5 million, with management fees at 0.35% a year. 

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  • For our investment portfolios, our fees range from 0.35% to 0.65% per year based on the highest of your total assets under management or total invested amount. You can view our pricing tier here.

    Please note that the total invested amount is calculated as all cash inflows minus cash outflows. Any withdrawals and dividends paid out to bank accounts are categorized as cash outflows. 

    The value of your total assets under management is your portfolio value / net asset value. 

    Our management fee covers everything from portfolio monitoring to automatic rebalancing. You are not charged any additional brokerage or platform fees.

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  • Fees are calculated on a daily basis and billed at the end of each month. If you withdraw your balance before that, you pay only for the days your money was managed by Syfe. Your Syfe client tier, and corresponding fees, are decided by the highest of your total assets under management or total invested amount across all portfolios.

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  • No, unlike traditional investment management, Syfe does not charge you transaction or brokerage fees. There are no sales charges, no withdrawal fees and no hidden charges, so you pay even lower fees.

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  • ETF Management Fees (For ETF portfolios)
    The ETF management fee across our Syfe Core portfolios averages 0.12% - 0.16%, this amounts to around $1.20 - $1.60 per $1,000 invested each year. The fee is charged by the ETF manager and built
    into the prices of the ETFs that we buy on your behalf. 

    Since it is not charged by Syfe, you will not see the ETF management fee deducted directly from your Syfe account.

    Currency Conversion

    For our Syfe Core and Syfe Select portfolios, there is a 0.002% fee for currency conversion charged by our broker, Interactive Brokers, on the amount converted, but this will be borne by Syfe. 

    As for Syfe Cash+, please refer to link

    SEC Charges

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges a very small fee of 0.0008% on sell trades. This fee applies to our Syfe Core and Syfe Select portfolios for sell transactions only.


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  • When you fund your portfolio, we will automatically deduct the fees according to your pricing tier by the end of each month. The fees will be reflected in the system as well as your monthly statement.

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  • Once you have logged into your Syfe account, you can view details of your fees paid by clicking on your portfolio(s) and going to your Fees Paid tab.

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